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The one & only superstar Brandon Jerrod hosting his own TV show and now YOU can be featured on air asking... ANYTHING! Get a business, model, fashion or marketing advice and shine in front millions of people. Submit your question & receive a VIP seat in our virtual audience!

Share your story on Mindful Conversations

This is a show that features stories of most incredible humans. Have you survived and came out on the other side even stronger? Have you opened you achieved your goals despite the naysayers? Have you achieved a result you never thought you could? Have you found your purpose and would like to share it with the world? Apply now.

Apply to co-host The Undeniable Realness Talkshow

Are you a cocktail/mocktail PRO? Join us to share your knowledge and promote your work with the audience of the all-female panel talkshow. This is a special episode that premiers on a very special holiday. Pre-recordings happen throughout October. Apply now!

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