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You can't quarantine excellence.

You can't quarantine excellence. Onest Media Production serves TV networks and corporate clients providing "turn-key" virtual corporate event production and marketing management system offering an excellent strategy and detailed blueprint on how to connect with your customers, strengthen your brand identity, maximize your profits and give your team a vision.
We have successfully worked with various B2B & B2C and nonprofit clients in NYC area and beyond.
Let us show you what we can do and answer all your questions in just 15 min. We will present a detailed proposal based on your needs and budget upon the initial meeting.

Virtual Event Services:

  • Professional virtual event production

  • TV network producers & editors

  • Variety of programming to choose from

  • Professional coaching for all speakers

  • Coaching on lighting and sound for professional picture

  • Unique custom design feat. corporate logo & colors

  • Correspondence and event management

  • Promotional content for web and social media

  • Virtual audience sign up & ticket sales

  • Virtual gifting

  • Special announcement production

  • Event page webdesign 

  • Virtual rehearsals and soundcheck

  • Post-edit production

  • Custom requests

No special equipment needed

  • Anyone can participate using a laptop, computer of a smartphone

  • No studio rental

  • No equipment rental

  • No high cost investment


  • FREE professional coaching for all speakers & performers

  • FREE social media promotional content creation

  • FREE successfully proven social media advertising blueprint

Branding & Marketing Services:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy & Blueprint

  • Social Media Content Production

  • Social Media Paid Advertising

  • Social Media Branded Livestream Event Production

Let us show you what we can do and answer all your questions.
We will present a detailed proposal based on your needs upon the initial meeting.
Discovery meeting is held on Zoom. All further production meetings are hosted on Onest Media Productions virtual system.

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