We are confident in our ability to transform complex principles into clear and actionable strategies. While you tirelessly work on and for your organization, we work on your branding and marketing by communicating your message, clarifying your purpose and showcasing your results and aspirations.

Why branding?

BRANDING is the face of your organization. It is vital to be intentional with your message and the way you present it. It is crucial for all departments to be in-sync and represent your organization and its members to your best ability.

We are skilled and eager to design your branding STRATEGY according to your intentions, aspirations and goals. 

What has marketing to do with it?

MARKETING is what gives your branding a voice. It is what connects you with your supporters, sponsors and clients. It is essential to determine your target demographic and select the tools and ways to connect that are inline with your style of work in order to create the winning strategy that works for your organization. We are ready to develop a blueprint that is customized, clear and easy to follow. We will also make sure to assure consistency in your message and engagement establishing your organization as a leader in your category.

Here are the tools we use to compose a custom marketing strategy for you upon FREE discovery call that you may schedule below. When filling out the form, please be as specific as possible when describing the purpose of your organization. 


Email Marketing

Weekly, biweekly, monthly emails to promote, engage and report your results to your supporters


Video Marketing

Longer video content for Youtube, Vimeo or your platform to showcase your team and results of your work


Event Marketing

Virtual and in-person fundraising and entertaining events to engage with your supporters and raise funds


Website Conversion

Using the tools provided to make sure your website visitors subscribe, donate and join your organization


Social Media

Video, audio, written and visual content to communicate your message and encourage the public to join in  


Public Appearances

Establish your leading position in the industry and find ways to cooperate with other influential figures

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