Media Has Changed

Let's embrace the new way of media in 2021.

Welcome to the long awaited 2021, folks. We made it.

After the euphoria of pretty awkward New Year's celebration and before the newly begun rats race of the new year sets in, I suggest for us, people in media, to draw some conclusions. What did we learn this past year? What have we changed and what must we change to adapt to the current mood of the nation (and beyond)?

We may not be truly acquainted yet, but I can promise you one thing - I do not sugarcoat and I am pretty straight forward. You might find it great or less than exciting, but my mission is to present useful content inspiring you to think, change and evolve. We will go micro and macro on all things media and I will help you understand how to use the media to your advantage without falling for useless trends and by prioritizing trends that can catapult your business to a whole different level of success. My answer to all your questions on "whether this or that app or platform is useful or not" will always be "it depends" and I will always follow up with the factors it depends on. So let's start.

First and foremost, we changed our intentions. If the past years have started with the New Year's resolutions about more exercise or less fatty products, this time way too many are asking to make any money that would at least cover their humble bills, survive the pandemic and be able to be together again once the situation permits.

"Well, there are indeed many who still want to get in shape!", one might argue and yes, of course there are. The question is what would be the message to motivate them and how would you as a provider of a healthy lifestyle app motivate them to spend the money on you. "Beach bod" is not as relevant right now as opposed to a "strong immune system". The language you choose to speak TO and not AT your potential or current customers will decide whether they stick by you. Being "tone deaf" can cost you not just your sales, but your business in general.

Remember that people will indeed remember how you made them feel, whether you did have empathy, offered help and assistance when times were hard. Your current message will show your true intentions and will either build a strong relationship with your target demographic or make you choose a new one.

Secondly, we have way more ways to market our businesses than ever before. Often I hear complaints that people have no time to be posting "all over the place' and therefore become completely absent from the world of social media. The key to success is to choose what floats your boat and what you would be able to do consistently as this would be the main factor determining your success. It is your job to decide between blogs, videos, pictures or podcasts or create a mix that works for you. Do that now, right at the beginning of the year, and stay consistent. Few months from now you would be able to see whether you have a disconnect with your audience and you will be able to make some changes. One thing remains - if you do not try, you will never know!

Thirdly and lastly for now as I don't want to overwhelm you, the cost of successful branding have become pretty low. How? Well, you have more apps and more platforms to choose from and find which one is your best match. I might love blogging and feel lost trying to learn a TikTok dance, while you would think podcasting is your jam. Try it all, avoid cliches, choose what feels exciting and stick to it. One dancing video, one podcast episode and one encouraging post won't make or break your brand. Creating and posting content overtime without overthinking is what will bring you data - the date you'd be able to base your opinion on.

I hope these few thoughts have provided you some value. In the next posts I'd love to dive into the process of selecting the types of content that work for you and your industry, the question behind viral posts, which platform can bring you the most value organically and which media is cheapest to use now. Hint-hint, there are some super cool new things you should know.

Bye for now. Keep creating and making this media world a better place.


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