What is Community.com all about?

It’s not a sponsored post, we just genuinely like it.

As we continue to educate our wonderful followers, we’d love to highlight this company that we do plan to become a customer of in a near future - Community.com

You must have seen numerous celebrities giving out their phone numbers and inviting their fans to text them. You may have even subscribed to some. We know we did! 😊 Who wouldn’t like to be able to text JLo or receive an encouraging text from Gary Vee?!

Aside from providing a feeling of “inner circle”, this approach has a great potential for small businesses as well.

Here’s our WHY:

As we have seen social media is experiencing a drastic change when it comes to rules and regulations. You may be aiming to provide the most value to your followers as a business and still be be blocked for several days for commenting and liking “too much and too fast”. So we need a game plan as to how we can diversify our marketing and how we can ensure we can reach our customers at any point regardless to any developments. The truth is - people may join and leave social media, change email addresses, but they are most likely to keep their phone number as this is what connects them to their family, friends and contacts.

So this choice becomes quite obvious - Community.com provides a way to connect to all or selected groups of your contacts, send sms, videos and pictures, share offers, wish happy birthdays (like every day to the people who do have birthdays that day!) and all that without disclosing your actual phone number - you really don’t want to be doing that.

The monthly cost depends on the number of subscribers and their customer service is exceptional.

This is not a sponsored post, we actually found them about a month ago and plan to adopt this option very soon. We hope this helps you and your business on the way to major success 😉

Find out more on www.community.com

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